1999 Pahlmeyer Merlot Magnum - 1500ml

1999 Pahlmeyer Merlot Magnum - 1500ml

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1999 Pahlmeyer Merlot Magnum

The Pahlmeyer story is a tale of international intrigue, passion and Hollywood stardom… Of Jayson Pahlmeyer, friends and family… Of French clones, legendary winemaking and iconic wines...

Once upon a time, there was a man with a bold, irrepressible spirit – a trial attorney called to the profession by its fast and furious nature.

Jayson's partner smuggled their “suitcase clones” to the U.S. through Canada. All went off without a hitch until their final truckload, when the border authorities uncovered the French vines. Ordered to surrender all their contraband, they kept their French clones hidden and instead turned over to the unwitting patrollers clones purchased from U.C. Davis.

Planted in 1981, the French cuttings adjusted to their shock at a snail’s pace. Catching wind of these crazy guys and their Bordeaux vines, one of California’s foremost winemakers, Randy Dunn, visited the site and warned, “Don’t screw it up.” Clearly they didn’t because in 1986, seeing unparalleled promise, Randy asked to purchase the entire crop. Jayson agreed - on one condition: that Randy make Jayson’s “Pahlmeyer” Napa Valley Bordeaux blend.

Product Details

Rating RP90
Varietal Merlot
Vintage 1999
Rating WS94/ST93/RP90
Bottle Size 1500 ml
Bottle Quantity 1
Country USA
Region California
Location North Coast
Producer Pahlmeyer
Color Red
Wine Type Table

Robert Parker

Wine Spectator WS94

Wine Spectator



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Winery Details

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