ABACUS, ZD Wines’ legendary Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, is a multi-vintage blend that artfully expresses the depth and complexity of a well-aged wine, infused with a touch of forward fruit and the intensity of a younger wine. It is defined by ZD Wines’ Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, which has been produced every year since 1992. The wine is aged for three years in the barrel which allows access to the young reserve wines as a blending component to ABACUS. Hence, there is always a component of young, fruit forward wine available to infuse into the ever-developing ABACUS solera. The current bottling of ABACUS XXI is a masterful blend of 27 vintages of ZD’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (1992-2018).



ZD Wines Abacus I (1st Bottling) - 750ml


ZD Wines Abacus VIII (8th Bottling) - 750ml

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ZD Wines Abacus VII (7th Bottling) - 750ml

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ZD Wines Abacus XIV (14th Bottling) - 750ml

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