Like most artistic endeavors, winemaking takes patience… watching the season unfold in the vineyard, evaluating the wines as they evolve in the barrel and allowing them to just be as they rest in the bottle… this life is not recommended for those seeking instant gratification. Yet, over time, it fills the soul.
Each of our Estate Wines, is hand harvested under the stars by our family and the vineyard crew. They are then sorted to allow only perfect fruit to free flow into a combination of new and neutral barrels. This is their home for the next two years. In barrel, tannins will soften as gorgeous color, aroma and complexity develops.
Our Wild Iris, 100% Sauvignon Blanc from the Lam Benz Vineyard, is a beautiful expression of warm weather Sauvignon Blanc. Also harvested at night, the fruit is pressed upon arrival at the winery filling the air with its amazing fragrance. The juice then free flows into neutral barrels where it is allowed an extended time for stirring the lees before its final barreling down. Four months later this aromatic, mouth filling wine is bottled and ready for release.


1994 Clark-Claudon Estate Cabernet Magnum - 1500ml