Domaine Faiveley is one of the largest and most illustrious domaines in Burgundy, and has made its name with red wines made from the Pinot Noir grape.


It was founded in 1825 in the village of Nuits-Saint-Georges under Joseph Faiveley, a wine merchant who had a desire for travel. In the beginning of the 19th Century, trade had begun between Burgundy and northern Europe, predominantly along the rivers and canals connecting the two regions. Merchants from Burgundy would travel along these paths to exchange their wines for textiles. Joseph Faiveley was one of these merchants, introducing his Burgundian wine to the world.


2015 Domaine Faiveley Musigny Burgundy - OWC Banded - 750ml

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1988 Domaine Faiveley Nuits-Saint-George Clos de la Marechale Burgundy - 750ml

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