Here the process comes to life as you collaborate with the winemaking team on every detail of your wine, from blending to barrel toast. Assisted through each phase of the process, you'll be rewarded on release day with wine that's comparable in quality to Napa Valley's finest.

Though we offer a multitude of ways for our Members to enjoy the club, the most rewarding aspect of membership at "The Reserve" is enjoying the final product. The experience, which H. William Harlan describes as “capturing the whole season of work in a bottle of wine,” is a fulfilling one that all Members across the globe will be able to enjoy many years down the road. 

The Napa Valley Reserve is a unique member only wine, created by Bill Harlan in 1997 and since then a slowly growing wine club with the goal to reach 300 members. It's quite easy to become a member........you simply need to get a personal invitation from Bill himself, and of course pay the one time membership fee of $160,000 US dollars.

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