It seems like only yesterday that we arrived at our seven-acres in the foothills of Howell Mountain in St. Helena with big dreams. The rocky hillside, ranging from 600 to 800 feet in elevation, was cleared and wide terraces were graded in preparation for planting. Our dreams have become a reality — we've just recently celebrated 25 years of grape growing in the Napa Valley.

The first fruits of our labor arrived in 1990 with a modest crop that was sold to neighboring winemakers. With an average yield of less than two tons per acre, we recognized that this was no “get rich quick” scheme. By 1991, Michael Trujillo of Karl Lawrence Cellars had discovered the unique quality of our fruit for inclusion in his new wine venture. The following year, Ann Colgin selected our vineyard as the sole source for her signature wine, and continued to purchase Herb Lamb fruit for the next 15 years.


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