This was an incredible opportunity to look at a vertical of Jayson Woodbridge’s fortified Cabernet Sauvignon release, FORTIFICATION. A unique fortified wine, the wine portion of the cuvée comes from the Kayli Morgan Vineyard in Napa (100% Cabernet Sauvignon), with the spirit used for the FORTIFICATION coming from a double distillation of single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa as well. The Brandy is aged in new French oak for 5-6 years before being used in the FORTIFICATION process. You rarely hear about the quality of the alcohol used for fortified wines, but after tasting through this vertical, it is unquestionably a vital component of the quality of the final wine that deserves more attention. The final wine is aged upwards of four years in new French oak.

Hundred Acre Fortification


2004 Hundred Acre Fortification Cabernet - OWC - 1 x 750ml


2005 Hundred Acre Fortification Cabernet - 100 pts - OWC - 1 x 750ml

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