Our winery is situated in front of Montalcino, set in a unique context of great beauty, perfectly integrated in this splendid landscape.

The building is mostly underground, facing north and with a natural room temperature without having to resort to air conditioning.

It was planned following a rational design that supports our production principles of low impact and natural processes. The structure is on three levels so as to take advantage of gravity and was built according to the needs of Casanova di Neri and of our vision of the productive process, intent on respecting the quality of the grapes and on enhancing the characteristics of the different grapes and above all of the different vineyards that they come from. Before the vinification the grapes are picked out on a selection belt after which they are de-stemmed and passed on to a further selection belt where we choose the best grapes that fall by gravity into the vats.

The fermentation takes places in open conical stainless steel vats with controlled temperature and no pumps, which allows us to have a maximum regard for the quality of the grapes and enables the extraction of only the best tannins, preserving the colour and fragrance. This particular care and attention to quality is the least we can do after our meticulous work in the vineyards. This is followed by the aging in two ample barrel rooms on two different levels again using gravity to our advantage.


2001 Casanova di Neri Tenuta Nuova Brunello di Montalcino - WOY - 750ml