Pax and Pam Mahle moved to wine country in 1997 to pursue careers in wine. After a few years of tasting and sourcing wine from all over California for Dean & Deluca, Pax made the decision to start his own brand from a vineyard with which he felt a kismet connection. Alder Springs Vineyard was the site, and after finding an investor to help realize the dream, Pax Mahle Wines launched in 2000.

The Mahles made a bold choice by favoring the “untapped potential”  of the Syrah grape. Their entire lineup of wines came from cool climate vineyards in  Sonoma County and Mendocino. These wines were big, rich expressions of Syrah that went on to be highly sought after. As a result, Pax quickly became established as one of California’s premier producers of Syrah.


2004 Pax Cellars Griffin''s Liar Syrah - 750ml

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2005 Pax Cellars Walker Vine Hill Syrah - 750ml

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2005 Pax Cellars Walker Vine Hill Syrah Magnum - 1500ml

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