When Christophe Roumier took over winemaking at his family's Domaine, the quality of the wines soared into the cult league with ihs exceptional talent.  From the beginning, he has made a considerable impact on the domaine's standing and also on other young winemakers in the region.  Over the years, his reputation has never faltered, nor has his belief that his wines should be in expression of unique terrior rather than of the grape varietal.  He defines his winemaking technique as guided more by "spirit of mind" than by method. 

Domaine Roumier is a beautiful, secluded estate in the village of Chambolle-Musigny, set against a hill and graced by a small vineyard in the background.  Both the estate and the man who runs it speak of gentleness with the earth.  Christophe prefers a gental hand in winemaking and modestly gives the impression that he simply interprets the character of wine that is made by the terror, the vintage and the grape. 

The estate dates back to 1924 and includes approximately 40 Acres of vines in 12 differnt appellations. Vineyard practices are directed at respecting the natural balance of the vineyard, including maintaining a diverse, healthy population of yeasts on the grapes for natural fermentations.  The philosophy is lutte raisonnee, as close to organic as possible. 

Christophe above all strives to make wines with finesse, delicate structure and typicity of each terroir, rather than to the fruit.  While their balance and harmony are impeccably tuned, the wines differ markedly in underlying character, each capturing the music of it's own vineyard.

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