"Truly great wines are a result of place, season and know-how. They are said to reflect their birthplace and are fundamentally an agricultural endeavor – our most impactful decisions are driven by and often made in the field. For that reason we consider ourselves winegrowers rather than winemakers and see our wines as the product of both our site and our expertise.

RUDD ESTATE stands out as an exceptional place with unmatched terroir – uniquely situated within Napa Valley with a geologic backbone of volcanic rock weathered into core stone bedrock and alluvial sediments creating iron-rich, well-drained soil ideal for growing grapes. Our vineyards are farmed organically by our own full-time team. Having our own team enables some of the most significant winemaking actions of the year to be made in a focused, adaptive, and timely manner. Most importantly, this control over the vineyards allows us to learn from the cycles of each season and alter our techniques to bring out the unique potential of the Estate’s land." RUDD ESTATE



2004 Rudd Oakville Estate Proprietary Red Magnum - 1500ml


2004 Rudd Oakville Estate Proprietary Red - 750ml