Our estate vineyard is located in the northern hemisphere’s southernmost – and sunniest – Region 1 microclimate, which has the coolest temperatures for grape growing. The Pacific Ocean fog (‘sea smoke’) funnels across our hillsides each afternoon, creating ideal growing conditions for Pinot Noir.

Our Pinot Noir vines are planted on south-facing hillside bluffs, in ‘transition zones’ characterized by rich clay soils, aiding us in our quest for quality. This is where Pinot Noir finds its most sublime expression.

We farm our estate vineyard both organically and biodynamically, because nurturing the soil and vines – without toxic chemicals and in harmony with nature – is the right thing to do for the land, for our employees and for our customers.

Sea Smoke’s unique combination of sun, fog, soil and meticulous farming results in wines that are lush, elegant and expressive.


2012 Sea Smoke Estate Sea Spray Blanc de Noirs - 750ml


2012 Sea Smoke Estate Streamside Chardonnay - 750ml


2013 Sea Smoke Estate Chardonnay - 750ml

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2012 Sea Smoke Estate Gratis Chardonnay - 750ml