"There was no question Nigel was going to make his own wine in Napa Valley; it was just a matter of time. In 2016, after scraping together everything we had, we crushed our first fruit and welcomed our third child to the family. We've never been known to do anything by halves.” –Shae Kinsman

Site-driven, singular expressions of origin and history: that's what we're shooting for. Our winemaking is attentive, but never heavy-handed. We let the fruit lead the way, resisting the urge to polish away the most interesting edges. Because we're not chasing perfection. We're chasing character.

There's no joy in making cabernet from any old vineyard. If we were into winemaking artefact it might be a different story, but we strive to make compelling wines that sing of their origins. So, we hunt down the vineyards that speak to us. The ones we know, in our gut, are special.